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Name Summary Category
John McAlister Lancashire Callers
Herbal Remedy Worcestershire / Warwickshire Bands and musicians
Letchworth Folk dance clubs
Brancaster Staithe Dancers Folk dance clubs
Old Friends Ceildh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Southam Festival Warwickshire Festivals
Hurst Green Folk dance clubs
Sytchampton Folk Dance Club Sytchampton, Stourport-on-Severn Folk dance clubs
Tickled Pink Bands and musicians
Warwickshire Folk dance clubs
Chris Mulvey Worcestershire Callers
Anne Welch Callers
Change of Key St Helens Bands and musicians
Northern Frisk Lancashire Bands and musicians
Dorset Phoenix Folk Dance Club Weymouth Folk dance clubs
Vanda Musial Lancashire Callers
Cafe Sol Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Kathryn Wright Staffordshire Callers
Rugby Folk Dance Club Folk dance clubs
Bury St Edmunds (Sunday) Folk dance clubs