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Name Summary Category
Mooncoyn Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Grasshoppers Folk Dance Club Worthing (Goring) Folk dance clubs
Philippe Callens Belgium Callers
John McDonald West Midlands Callers
City Clickers Step and Clog Dance Group Bristol Folk dance clubs
Maureen Waddington Cheshire Callers
Playford Group Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Rannygazoo West Midlands Bands and musicians
Cafe Sol Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Godalming Folk dance clubs
Valiant Dance Band Suffolk and Essex Bands and musicians
Peter Crewe Lancashire Callers
Light-hearted Dance Weekends Various locations in England Holidays
Glasgow Assembly Folk dance clubs
Touchstone FDC Wivenhoe, Essex Folk dance clubs
Bees Knees Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Apricot Pie Folk Dance Band Banbury, Oxon Bands and musicians
Tickled Pink Bands and musicians
Reading Folk dance clubs
Patchwork Midlands Bands and musicians