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Name Summary Category
Patricia Donnithorne Ealing, West London Callers
Country Dance Club BA22 9TE Folk dance clubs
Norfolk Wherries Norfolk Bands and musicians
Great Yarmouth Folk dance clubs
Harrow Folk Dance Club Harrow Folk dance clubs
Tarrantella Bands and musicians
Al Green Yorkshire Callers
Kidlington Folk dance clubs
Ivel Valley Band Bedfordshire Bands and musicians
Jasper's Leap Merseyside Bands and musicians
Bridport Folk Dance Club Bridport Folk dance clubs
Rogues Gallery Surrey/ Hampshire/ Berkshire Bands and musicians
Still Reeling North West England Bands and musicians
Liverpool Contra FDC Liverpool Folk dance clubs
Wayfarers West Midlands Folk dance clubs
Rattlebones Surrey/ Hampshire/ West Sussex /Berkshire Bands and musicians
Greenman Rising Midlands & National Bands and musicians
Great Alne Folk Weekend Warwickshire Festivals
Sidmouth Folk Week Devon Festivals
Surrey (East) Folk dance clubs