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Name Summary Category
Reading Folk dance clubs
Geoff Elwell Melksham Callers
Leeds Contra Folk dance clubs
Bandstand Barn Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Tony Whitehead North Yorkshire Callers
Two Left Feet Lancashire Bands and musicians
Aislaby Folk dance clubs
Mr Blundell's Alms Ceilidh Band Liverpool Bands and musicians
Hop Back Jig Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Odd Socks Ceilidh Band Shropshire Bands and musicians
Exmouth YWCA Folk dance clubs
David Wright Staffordshire Callers
Ivan Aitken Berkshire Callers
Hannah Bright London/Beds/Herts/South/Manchester/Sheffield /Birmingham/Bristol Callers
Glasgow Assembly Folk dance clubs
Trinculo Sheffield Bands and musicians
The Compost Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Northampton Ceilidhs Northampton Folk dance clubs
Withiel Cornwall Folk dance clubs
Nottingham Folk Dance Group Lambley, Nottingham Folk dance clubs