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Name Summary Category
Oxfolk Folk dance clubs
Ian Smith Coventry / Leicester Callers
Maplewood Cheshire, Manchester, Derbyshire Bands and musicians
Pluck 'N' Squeeze Suffolk Bands and musicians
Captain Swing West Midlands Bands and musicians
Terence Walsh Lancashire Callers
Dartington Folk dance clubs
Devonfolk Folk dance clubs
Nigel Close Hampshire and further Callers
Well Dressed Band Derbyshire Bands and musicians
John Smith Merseyside Callers
Rejigged Ceilidh Band East Kent Bands and musicians
Essex Folk Association Essex Folk dance clubs
Jigworks Ceilidh Band Wantage Bands and musicians
Malthouse Passage Midlands, Marches, Gloucestershire...will travel! Bands and musicians
Alphabet Dancers Lydham, SY9 5HG Folk dance clubs
Callington Folk dance clubs
North London Folk Folk dance clubs
Mike Longstaff North east England Callers
Bad Bargain Ceilidh Band York Bands and musicians