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Name Summary Category
Streetworthy Lancashire Bands and musicians
Tunstall Folk dance clubs
Furness Vale Country Dance Club Derbyshire Folk dance clubs
Maureen Waddington Cheshire Callers
Peter Shardlow Lancashire Callers
Folk Around Bristol Folk dance clubs
Swanage & Langton Matravers Folk Dance Club Swanage Folk dance clubs
Cobblers Wax Ceilidh Band Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Carshalton Village Ceilidhs Carshalton Folk dance clubs
Joe Hodgson Herefordshire Callers
Peter Crewe Lancashire Callers
Hogs Back Band Surrey Bands and musicians
Dave Hunt Shropshire Callers
Holmfirth Folk dance clubs
Chesham FDC Chesham Folk dance clubs
Titchmarsh Folk dance clubs
Iceni Folk Norfolk Bands and musicians
Ann Higley Callers
David Roberts Hampshire Bands and musicians
Falconers Band Herefordshire Bands and musicians