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Name Summary Category
East Kent Folk Dancers Littlebourne, Canterbury Folk dance clubs
Golden Lion Light Orchestra Worcestershire/Shropshire Bands and musicians
Frances Richardson England, based in Midlands Callers
Cuckoo Ale Shropshire & Staffordshire Bands and musicians
ConTradition Wiltshire Bands and musicians
Roy Smith Lancashire Callers
Broadstairs Barndance Club St Peters Memorial Hall, Broadstairs, CT10 2TH Folk dance clubs
Victoria Yeomans Midlands Callers
Charlotte Oliver Sussex Callers
Upton on Severn Worcestershire Festivals
Horley & Meadvale Folk Dance Club Surrey Folk dance clubs
Eastbourne Folk Dance Club Eastbourne Folk dance clubs
Keymer Folk Dance Club Hassocks, West Sussex Folk dance clubs
Cwm Dancing Bands and musicians
Downfielders Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Camden English Folk Dance Club Primrose Hill, London Folk dance clubs
Lindfield Folk dance clubs
Soyaband Lancashire Bands and musicians
Martin Hodge Devon Callers
South East Folk Group Kent, Sussex, Surrey Folk dance clubs