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Name Summary Category
Ainsdale Folk dance clubs
Judith Inman Buckinghamshire Callers
Folk Around Bristol Folk dance clubs
Rainmakers Folk dance clubs
Friday Folk, Birmingham Moseley, Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Bath Playford Folk dance clubs
Nic Broadbridge UK and abroad Callers
Public Sector Midlands Bands and musicians
Red Herrings Norfolk Bands and musicians
David Pattenden Midlands Callers
Bodgers Wood Chinnor, Oxfordshire Folk dance clubs
Hannah Bright London/Beds/Herts/South/Manchester/Sheffield /Birmingham/Bristol Callers
Lisa Heywood Bristol Callers
Ralph Smethurst Northwest/ Midlands Callers
Northamptonshire Folk Activities Association Bulletin Northamptonshire Folk dance clubs
Belstead House Suffolk Holidays
Hind Before Band Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Hetty Pegler's Tump Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Preston Folk dance clubs
Bedford Early Dance and Music Folk dance clubs