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Name Summary Category
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Bands and musicians
Millstone Ceilidh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Tinkers Ditch Oxon, Bucks, Berks Bands and musicians
Isle of Wight Folk Festival Isle of Wight Festivals
Folkestone Folk dance clubs
Counteshorpe Folk dance clubs
Southam Festival Warwickshire Festivals
Paul Garner Cambridgeshire Callers
Chippenham Folk dance clubs
Keymer Folk Dance Club Hassocks, West Sussex Folk dance clubs
Stomping Boondocks Bournemouth Bands and musicians
North Devon Dance Weekend Holidays
Lisa Heywood Bristol Callers
Wallington (F) London Folk dance clubs
Morris Travellers Ceilidh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Chiltern Folk Association Folk dance clubs
Kendal Green Cumbria Bands and musicians
Strawplaiters Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Staplers Hitchin Folk dance clubs
Thirsty Work Midlands Bands and musicians