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Name Summary Category
Salcombe Regis Folk dance clubs
Monksmarch Folk dance clubs
Gravesend Folk dance clubs
Istead Rise County Dance Club Gravesend, Kent Folk dance clubs
Vic Haylock Norfolk Callers
Sutton Coldfield(W) Folk dance clubs
Dave Leverton Bristol / Bath Callers
Touchstone FDC Wivenhoe, Essex Folk dance clubs
Black Cat Band Merseyside, Cheshire and surrounding areas Bands and musicians
Ken Sheffield Callers
Sheer Hopody Devon Bands and musicians
Olio Lancashire Bands and musicians
Maranella Cheshire, Merseyside, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, North Wales Bands and musicians
Ceiliography Bands and musicians
Liverpool Contra FDC Liverpool Folk dance clubs
Old Peculiar Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Roger Newton Lancashire Callers
Dancing Folk Folk dance clubs
Hop Back Jig Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Rascal Fayre Cumbria Bands and musicians