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Name Summary Category
Ian Craigan West & East Midlands Callers
Rig-a-Jig Norfolk Bands and musicians
Martyn Harvey North West Callers
Meriden Folk Annexe Folk Dance Group Coventry Folk dance clubs
Manchester Folk Dance Club Whitefield, Manchester Folk dance clubs
Ian Edlin Dorset Callers
Dance House, Wroughton Folk dance clubs
Dave & Caroline Midlands Bands and musicians
Lichfield Folk Festival Staffordshire Festivals
Cecil Sharp House Folk dance clubs
Aislaby Folk dance clubs
Steve Share Staffordshire Callers
Dave Turner North East Callers
Highside Folk Dance Club Ripon Folk dance clubs
Poynton Festival Cheshire Festivals
Hoveton Folk dance clubs
Meter Rite South and Midlands Bands and musicians
Sylvia Fisher Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire Callers
Ann Higley Callers
Bill Kinsman Birmingham Callers