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Name Summary Category
Doncaster Folk dance clubs
Valerie Rees Worcestershire Callers
Wroughton Folk Dance Club Wiltshire Folk dance clubs
Thornbury Folk dance clubs
Fleet Folk Dance Club Fleet Folk dance clubs
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Callers
Rhodri Davies Callers
Bandstand Barn Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Jason Hill Staffordshire Callers
Pat Wilkinson Lancashire Callers
Bookham Folk dance clubs
Chapeltown, Sheffield Folk dance clubs
Up Jumped the Devil Midlands Bands and musicians
Folkus Pocus Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Coventry FDG Folk dance clubs
Lambskinnett Lincolnshire / North Nottinghamshire Bands and musicians
Folkestone Folk dance clubs
Ian Craigan West & East Midlands Callers
Otley Costume Ball Folk dance clubs
Dave Hunt Shropshire Callers