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Name Summary Category
Mic Spenceley South Wales Callers
U3A, Verwood Dorset Folk dance clubs
The Coproliters Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Rochford FDC Rochford Folk dance clubs
Soyaband Lancashire Bands and musicians
Good Parking Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Halsway Manor Holidays
Barrington Historical Dance Barrington Village, South Somerset Folk dance clubs
Stockton Heath Folk dance clubs
Cambridge Folk dance clubs
Knotted Chord Midlands and North Bands and musicians
Laleham Folk dance clubs
Shinanikins Norfolk Bands and musicians
Brian Patrick Hertfordshire Callers
Maca the Caller - John Mc Donaldd East and West Midlands mainly Callers
Hemel Hempstead HP2 6BJ Folk dance clubs
English Folk Dance and Song Society Folk dance clubs
Bacton Folk dance clubs
Fendragon Cambridgeshire Bands and musicians
Anne Oakes Birmingham Callers