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Name Summary Category
John Green Northamptonshire Callers
Shake-a-Leg Lancashire Bands and musicians
Norwich (Sun) Norwich Folk dance clubs
Vanda Musial Lancashire Callers
Northamptonshire Folk Activities Association Bulletin Northamptonshire Folk dance clubs
Widdershins Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
John McAlister Lancashire Callers
Keeping Thyme South Midlands Bands and musicians
South East Folk Group Kent, Sussex, Surrey Folk dance clubs
Hilltop Coventry Bands and musicians
Jasper Ceilidh Band Essex, Suffolk Bands and musicians
Danson Folk Dance Club Bexley Folk dance clubs
Bath Playford Folk dance clubs
Woodsiders Barn Dance Band Hampshire Bands and musicians
Childwall Folk dance clubs
Rubbery Folk dance clubs
Stray Chords North Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Roughshod North east England Bands and musicians
Country Dance Club BA22 9TE Folk dance clubs
Hilary Herbert Lancashire Callers