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Name Summary Category
Rogues Gallery Surrey/ Hampshire/ Berkshire Bands and musicians
Brentwood Folk dance clubs
Leyland Folk Dance Club Leyland Folk dance clubs
Baily's Beads Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Middlewich Folk dance clubs
Bob Barrett Herts and London area Callers
Moonshine Ceilidh Band Leicestershire Bands and musicians
Stuart Wiltshire Cockermouth, Cumbria Callers
The Casterbridge Band Dorchester, Dorset Bands and musicians
Ewell Folk dance clubs
Old Pull and Push South, South West, South East Bands and musicians
Garstang Folk dance clubs
Herstmonceux Folk dance clubs
Paddy's Whiskers Ceilidh Band Devon, Cornwall, Somerset Bands and musicians
Leeds Folk dance clubs
Reading Folk dance clubs
Haycorn Greater Manchester Bands and musicians
Mick & Rupert Cambridgeshire Bands and musicians
Camden English Folk Dance Club Primrose Hill, London Folk dance clubs
Cannock Folk Dance Club Cannock Folk dance clubs