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Name Summary Category
Galgate Country Dance Club Lancashire Folk dance clubs
Isle of Wight Folk Holidays Holidays
Jasper Ceilidh Band Essex, Suffolk Bands and musicians
Orion's Ring Bands and musicians
Waterlooville Hampshire Folk dance clubs
Morgan Rattler Ceilidh Band Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Counteshorpe Folk dance clubs
Winton Hampshire Folk dance clubs
Brentwood Folk dance clubs
Robbie Thomas Bands and musicians
Hamble Folk dance clubs
Camping and Caravanning Club, Midland Folk Group Folk dance clubs
Jason Hill Staffordshire Callers
Dave Brown Wiltshire Bands and musicians
Quadrille Club London, Cecil Sharp House Folk dance clubs
Banwood Folk Dance Club Banstead, Surrey Folk dance clubs
Stafford Folk Dance Club Walton, Stafford Folk dance clubs
Kevin Murphy Shropshire Callers
Black Cat Band Merseyside, Cheshire and surrounding areas Bands and musicians
Chris and Julie Dewhurst Staffordshire based, travel countrywide Bands and musicians