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Name Summary Category
Wiltshire Klof Wiltshire Bands and musicians
Greens Norton Folk dance clubs
Norwich (Sun) Norwich Folk dance clubs
Golden Lion Light Orchestra Worcestershire/Shropshire Bands and musicians
Four Oaks Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Rubery Barn Dance Club Rubery, Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Highside Folk Dance Club Ripon Folk dance clubs
Lambskinnett Lincolnshire / North Nottinghamshire Bands and musicians
Mr Blundell's Alms Ceilidh Band Liverpool Bands and musicians
Rufus Return Surrey/Hampshire Bands and musicians
Phil Starks Norfolk Callers
Acocks Green Folk Dance Group Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Chris Ransom East Kent Callers
Meriden Folk Annexe Folk Dance Group Coventry Folk dance clubs
Guildford Folk Dancers Guildford Folk dance clubs
Cate Bannister Callers
Chetton Folk dance clubs
Folk Dance for Fun Folk dance clubs
Caradoc Ceilidh Band Shropshire Bands and musicians
Mixolydians Midlands Bands and musicians