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Name Summary Category
Eight Bars Short West London Bands and musicians
Cam-Irish Set Dance Group Cambridge Folk dance clubs
Mularky Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Knotted Chord Midlands and North Bands and musicians
Malthouse Passage Midlands, Marches, Gloucestershire...will travel! Bands and musicians
Barley Leaf Folk Dance Club Romford Folk dance clubs
Shillingstone Barn Dance Club Blandford Forum, Dorset Folk dance clubs
Vertical Expression Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Red River Band North London Bands and musicians
David Wright Staffordshire Callers
Southam Festival Warwickshire Festivals
Sandrigg Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Bedfordshire Folk dance clubs
Truro Folk Dance Club TR3 6ES Folk dance clubs
Roy Garrington Leicestershire & Countrywide Callers
Phoenix Folk & Square Dance Club Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9PT Folk dance clubs
Norwich (Sun) Norwich Folk dance clubs
Magham Down Folk dance clubs
Beverley Folk Festival Yorkshire Festivals
Weston Country Dance Band Bands and musicians