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Name Summary Category
Naunton Park Monday Club Folk dance clubs
Unreel Ceilidh Band Ditchling, Sussex Bands and musicians
Carshalton Village Ceilidhs Carshalton Folk dance clubs
Maca the Caller - John Mc Donaldd East and West Midlands mainly Callers
Norfolk Assembly Folk dance clubs
Lichfield Folk Dance Club Lichfield Folk dance clubs
Chris Jewell Bideford, North Devon Bands and musicians
Worksop Folk Dance Group Worksop Folk dance clubs
Bernie Forkin Lancashire Bands and musicians
Benfieldside Witton Gilbert Folk dance clubs
Hot Punch Folk Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Shinanikins Norfolk Bands and musicians
Green Willow Band Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Long Odds and Short Straws Somerset Bands and musicians
Crafty Green Folk dance clubs
Godalming Folk dance clubs
Stroud Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Fezziwig Norfolk Bands and musicians
Val and Ian McFarlane Buckinghamshire Callers
Chapeltown, Sheffield Folk dance clubs