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Name Summary Category
Pendragon All of UK considered Bands and musicians
White Horse Ceilidhs Oxfordshire Folk dance clubs
Ninepins Norfolk Bands and musicians
Iceni Folk Norfolk Bands and musicians
Kathryn Wright Staffordshire Callers
Alan Glass Weston-super-Mare Callers
Steamchicken Bands and musicians
Black Cat Band Merseyside, Cheshire and surrounding areas Bands and musicians
Chiltern Folk Association Folk dance clubs
Downfielders Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Fagins Pocket Cumbria Bands and musicians
Meter Rite South and Midlands Bands and musicians
Fleckney Folk dance clubs
Phoenix Ceilidhs Adlington, Chorley Folk dance clubs
Exeter (Tuesday) Folk dance clubs
Brian Lyons Wiltshire Callers
Belper Nailers Folk Moot Folk dance clubs
Bradford Folk dance clubs
Furness U3A Folk dance clubs
Bradford on Avon Folk dance clubs