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Name Summary Category
Lincoln Folk dance clubs
Woodbridge Suffolk Folk dance clubs
Gerry Jones Merseyside Callers
The Maerlocks Lancashire Bands and musicians
Pass the Buck Band Hampshire/Dorset Bands and musicians
Amber Fire Ceilidh Band Totnes, Devon Bands and musicians
Apricot Pie Folk Dance Band Banbury, Oxon Bands and musicians
Sibby Essex Callers
Mr Grumpy's Ceilidh Band Manchester Bands and musicians
Tight Squeeze Ceilidh Band Sussex Bands and musicians
Carshalton Village Ceilidhs Carshalton Folk dance clubs
Bletchingley Folk dance clubs
Folk Dance for Fun Folk dance clubs
Unreel Ceilidh Band Ditchling, Sussex Bands and musicians
Camping and caravanning (North West) North West England Holidays
Lancaster University Folk Society Lancaster Folk dance clubs
The Cracknells Merseyside Bands and musicians
Friday Folk, St Albans St Albans Folk dance clubs
Witcombe Folk Dance Club Gloucester Folk dance clubs
Odd Socks Ceilidh Band Shropshire Bands and musicians