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Name Summary Category
Fezziwig Norfolk Bands and musicians
Callington Folk dance clubs
Unicorn Ceilidhs Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Tweed in Bourbon Bournemouth Bands and musicians
Nigel Walker Bands and musicians
Terence Walsh Lancashire Callers
Henry Morgenstein Hampshire Callers
First Sunday Club Endmoor Village Hall, Kendal Folk dance clubs
East Grinstead Folk Dance Club East Grinstead Folk dance clubs
Colchester Folk dance clubs
Haywards Heath Folk dance clubs
Towersey Festival Oxfordshire Festivals
Barrie Bullimore Middlesex/Surrey Callers
The Ceili band Bands and musicians
Camden English Folk Dance Club Primrose Hill, London Folk dance clubs
More MPG West Midlands Bands and musicians
Iceni Folk Norfolk Bands and musicians
Blackbeard Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Juice Cardiff Bands and musicians
Lancashire Folk Lancashire Folk dance clubs