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Name Summary Category
Rochford FDC Rochford Folk dance clubs
Dorset Phoenix Folk Dance Club Weymouth Folk dance clubs
Grantham Folk Dancing Group Grantham, Lincolnshire Folk dance clubs
Burdock Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Mike Longstaff North east England Callers
The Reel Thing Somerset/Dorset Bands and musicians
Meltdown Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Shapwick Folk dance clubs
Stroud Folk dance clubs
London Barndance Folk dance clubs
Cuckoo's Nest Midlands and North West Bands and musicians
Stomp Bands and musicians
Caught on the Hop Lancashire Bands and musicians
Red Herrings Norfolk Bands and musicians
Sudbury Folk dance clubs
Bromsgrove Festival Festivals
Wallington (M) London Folk dance clubs
Narrow Escape Warwickshire Bands and musicians
Chrissie Gladwin Lancashire Callers
Les Ord Lancashire Callers