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Name Summary Category
Hannah Bright London/Beds/Herts/South/Manchester/Sheffield /Birmingham/Bristol Callers
Frinton Folk dance clubs
Southwick Folk dance clubs
Flora Green North Kent Callers
Melksham Country Dancers Melksham Folk dance clubs
Fiona Birchall Hampshire Callers
Neil Stuart Chesterfield Callers
Fendango & Saraband East Anglia Bands and musicians
Mic Spenceley South Wales Callers
Two Left Feet Lancashire Bands and musicians
Folkus Pocus Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Shrewton Folk dance clubs
Otford Folk dance clubs
Portland Drive Nuneaton Bands and musicians
Well Dressed Band Derbyshire Bands and musicians
Alcester Folk dance clubs
Time of Your Life Herts/Beds Bands and musicians
B&B UK and abroad Bands and musicians
Friends of Cecil Sharp House London Folk dance clubs
Cheddon Fitzpane Folk dance clubs