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Name Summary Category
Meriden Folk Annexe Folk Dance Group Coventry Folk dance clubs
Bideford Folk Dance Club Bideford, Devon Folk dance clubs
Peterborough Folk Dance Club (Soke Folk) Marholm, Peterborough Folk dance clubs
Bristol Folk dance clubs
Gerry Jones Merseyside Callers
Vertical Expression Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Worcestershire Folk dance clubs
Stourbridge Folk dance clubs
Little Longborough Dance Club Rainford, St Helens Folk dance clubs
Bedford Folk Dance Club Bedford, MK41 8EB Folk dance clubs
Amazing Catsfield Steamers Dance Band Sussex Bands and musicians
David Pattenden Midlands Callers
All Blacked Up Shropshire Bands and musicians
Roughshod North east England Bands and musicians
Barley Leaf Folk Dance Club Romford Folk dance clubs
Loughborough Folk Festival Leicestershire Festivals
Arnold Steeds Birmingham Callers
Rascal Fayre Cumbria Bands and musicians
Bill Kinsman Birmingham Callers
Rutland Folk Dance Club Uppingham, Rutland Folk dance clubs