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Name Summary Category
The Woodpecker Band Bands and musicians
Wantage Folk Dance Club Abingdon Folk dance clubs
South East Folk Group Kent, Sussex, Surrey Folk dance clubs
Coulsdon (Friday) Folk dance clubs
Keith Richards Holidays
Bebington Merseyside Folk dance clubs
St Albans Folk at the Festival Hertfordshire Festivals
St. Monday Essex Bands and musicians
Bubble Machine Norfolk Bands and musicians
Chris Rose Faversham, Kent Callers
Roosters Ceilidh Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Great Alne Folk Weekend Warwickshire Festivals
Gloucestershire Folk dance clubs
Denise & Norman Ormskirk Bands and musicians
Carnage, the new ceilidh band Bands and musicians
Victoria Yeomans Midlands Callers
Blackbeard Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Bury St Edmunds Folk dance clubs
Mick & Rupert Cambridgeshire Bands and musicians
Friday Folk, St Albans St Albans Folk dance clubs