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Name Summary Category
Warwickshire Folk dance clubs
Oldham Folk dance clubs
Vanda Musial Lancashire Callers
Folk North West Preston, PR5 0UY Folk dance clubs
Longton Folk dance clubs
Keswick Folk Dance Club Keswick Folk dance clubs
Momentum Bands and musicians
Roosters Ceilidh Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Melomanics Shropshire Bands and musicians
Loughborough Folk Festival Leicestershire Festivals
Fat Harry London Bands and musicians
Brian Stanton Worcestershire Callers
Wiltshire Folk Association Wiltshire Folk dance clubs
Manchester Folk Dance Club Whitefield, Manchester Folk dance clubs
Norwich (Sun) Norwich Folk dance clubs
Good Parking Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Fraddon FDC Fraddon, Cornwall, TR9 6NT Folk dance clubs
Meltdown Band Somerset Bands and musicians
Spinning Jelly Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Barrington Historical Dance Barrington Village, South Somerset Folk dance clubs