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Name Summary Category
Brisley Folk dance clubs
Rogues Gallery Surrey/ Hampshire/ Berkshire Bands and musicians
Doug Eaton Needham Market, Suffolk Callers
Wareham Folk Dance Club Wareham, Dorset Folk dance clubs
Blackbeard Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Broadstairs Folk dance clubs
Stroud Folk dance clubs
Weston Country Dance Band Bands and musicians
Inkberrow Worcestershire Folk dance clubs
Hugh Rippon Coventry Callers
Neil Stuart Chesterfield Callers
Birmingham Ceilidh Folk dance clubs
Flora Green North Kent Callers
Flowers' Original Warwickshire Bands and musicians
Ad Hoc Midlands Bands and musicians
Vic and Ed Smith plus others Oxfordshire/ Warwickshire Bands and musicians
Wells Folk Dance Club Somerset Folk dance clubs
Al Green Yorkshire Callers
Quadrille Ceilidh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
ConTradition Wiltshire Bands and musicians