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Name Summary Category
New Traditions Young Musicians Bands and musicians
Sue Horsham Somerset Folk dance clubs
White Horse Festival Berkshire Festivals
Tring Ball Folk dance clubs
Fremington Folk dance clubs
Tyne Folk dance clubs
Sheringham Folk Dance Club Sheringham, Norfolk Folk dance clubs
Gordon the Hedgehog Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Ormskirk Folk Dance Club Ormskirk Folk dance clubs
Gloucester U3A Folk dance clubs
Nigel Close Hampshire and further Callers
Flora Green North Kent Callers
Sylvia Fisher Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire Callers
Red Herrings Norfolk Bands and musicians
Jeroka South West England Bands and musicians
Lakes and Furness Folk Lakes and Furness Folk dance clubs
Rejigged Ceilidh Band East Kent Bands and musicians
Lupercalia Bristol, Glos, Somerset Bands and musicians
Chris Ransom East Kent Callers
Richard Hubbard Norfolk Callers