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Name Summary Category
Roundabouters Stevenage Folk dance clubs
Purleigh Folk dance clubs
Dancing Folk Folk dance clubs
Belzebub All Midlands/Anywhere Bands and musicians
Golden Lion Light Orchestra Worcestershire/Shropshire Bands and musicians
Beaus of the Park Portsmouth, PO6 2AP Folk dance clubs
Wiltshire Folk Association Wiltshire Folk dance clubs
Union Street Band Lancashire and Northwest England Bands and musicians
Worsall Folk Dance Group Teesside Folk dance clubs
The Rantabout Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Croxley Green Folk dance clubs
Rotherham Folk dance clubs
Red Hot Reeds Hampshire Bands and musicians
Cats Whiskers Midlands Bands and musicians
Trevor Monson Callers
Ipswich Suffolk Folk dance clubs
Sussex Folk Association Sussex Folk dance clubs
Kit and Boodle Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Teignmouth Folk Festival Devon Festivals
Keel Band Norfolk Bands and musicians