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Name Summary Category
Eastbourne Folk Dance Club Eastbourne Folk dance clubs
Whirling Skirmish South East and London Bands and musicians
Ainsdale Folk dance clubs
Bodmin Folk dance clubs
Meltdown Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Jump the Gun Ceilidh Band Cumbria Bands and musicians
Roosters Ceilidh Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Finnigan's Wok Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Rakes of Rochester North Kent Bands and musicians
Lynne Render Leicestershire Callers
Avon Folk dance clubs
John Shakespeare Birmingham Callers
Folkus Pocus Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Exeter (Tuesday) Folk dance clubs
Tinkers Ditch Oxon, Bucks, Berks Bands and musicians
Roy Smith Lancashire Callers
Andrew James Music Bournemouth Callers
Derby Folk dance clubs
Stoney Stanton Folk dance clubs
Devil's Fire Barn Dance Band Lancashire Bands and musicians