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Name Summary Category
Eight Bars Short West London Bands and musicians
The Jigalots Surrey Bands and musicians
Fosseway Playford Folk Dance Club Writhlington, Radstock Folk dance clubs
South East Folk Group Kent, Sussex, Surrey Folk dance clubs
Wells Folk Dance Club Somerset Folk dance clubs
Threadneedle Abbots Langley, Herts Bands and musicians
Chiltern ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Guildford Folk Dancers Guildford Folk dance clubs
Stray Chords North Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Wiltshire Folk Association Wiltshire Folk dance clubs
Good Parking Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Deborah Kermode Lancashire Callers
Ken Sheffield Callers
Norwich Historical Dance Norwich Folk dance clubs
Beryl Jukes Camborne, Cornwall Callers
John Turner Hampshire Callers
Belper Nailers Folk Moot Folk dance clubs
Fendango & Saraband Playford Group CB6 2ST Folk dance clubs
Shirley Bunting Leicestershire Callers
Kathryn Wright Staffordshire Callers