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Name Summary Category
Trieskalion South Somerset, West Dorset, East Devon Bands and musicians
Victoria Yeomans Midlands Callers
Glasgow Assembly Folk dance clubs
Tight Squeeze Ceilidh Band Sussex Bands and musicians
Barbara Dunn Worcestershire Callers
Judith Inman Buckinghamshire Callers
Ian Craigan West & East Midlands Callers
The Historical Dance Society National Folk dance clubs
John Baker Shropshire Callers
Lemmings Reprieve Altrincham Folk dance clubs
Worcestershire Folk dance clubs
Basingstoke Early Dance Folk dance clubs
Shrewsbury (Closed) Folk dance clubs
Roger Middleton West Midlands Callers
Jeroka South West England Bands and musicians
Shake-a-Leg Lancashire Bands and musicians
The Moon and Castle Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
East Kent Folk Dancers Littlebourne, Canterbury Folk dance clubs
Rascal Fayre Cumbria Bands and musicians
Pendragon All of UK considered Bands and musicians