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Name Summary Category
Callington Folk dance clubs
Sylvia Fisher Staffordshire, Shropshire, Cheshire Callers
Bedford Early Dance and Music Folk dance clubs
East Grinstead Folk Dance Club East Grinstead Folk dance clubs
The Assembly Players UK and abroad Bands and musicians
Barry Goodman Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire Callers
Gittisham Folk Dance Club Honiton Folk dance clubs
Roger Newton Lancashire Callers
Jellied Reels Bristol Bands and musicians
Cambridge Contras Folk dance clubs
Billericay FDC Billericay Folk dance clubs
Exmouth YWCA Folk dance clubs
Diane & David Morgan Banbury, Oxon Callers
Waggoners Folk dance clubs
Dorset Phoenix Folk Dance Club Weymouth Folk dance clubs
Kevin Bargen Merseyside Callers
Cam-Irish Set Dance Group Cambridge Folk dance clubs
Cwm Dancing Bands and musicians
Skip Hire Norfolk Bands and musicians
Black Cat Band Merseyside, Cheshire and surrounding areas Bands and musicians