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Name Summary Category
Barry Goodman Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire Callers
Derby Folk dance clubs
Brancaster Staithe Dancers Folk dance clubs
Cat Kelly Oxfordshire Callers
Keswick Folk Dance Club Keswick Folk dance clubs
Oxfordshire Folk Association Folk dance clubs
Pendragon All of UK considered Bands and musicians
Totnes Folk dance clubs
Unicorn Ceilidhs Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Valiant Dance Band Suffolk and Essex Bands and musicians
Colin Hume Hertfordshire Callers
Roisin Ban West Yorks Bands and musicians
Adlington (Cheshire) FDC Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4LF Folk dance clubs
Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers Ceilidh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Dancing Folk Folk dance clubs
Blackbeard Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Mollie Koenigsberger London Bands and musicians
Downfielders Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Eight Bars Short West London Bands and musicians
Kit and Boodle Gloucestershire Bands and musicians