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Name Summary Category
Medway Folk dance clubs
Camping and Caravanning Club, Midland Folk Group Folk dance clubs
Eelgrinders Midlands Bands and musicians
Heatherdene Harrogate Folk dance clubs
Phil Preen Nottingham Callers
Stuart Wiltshire Cockermouth, Cumbria Callers
City Clickers Step and Clog Dance Group Bristol Folk dance clubs
Contrafusion Folk dance clubs
Liverpool Contra FDC Liverpool Folk dance clubs
Teeside Folk dance clubs
Aylesford Folk dance clubs
Old Friends Ceildh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
The Rantabout Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Jack Hare Yorkshire Coast, Moors and York Bands and musicians
Sutton Coldfield Folk dance clubs
B&B UK and abroad Bands and musicians
Old Peculiar Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Wheelwrights Bane Bands and musicians
Staplers Hitchin Folk dance clubs
Grafty Green Folk Dance Club Maidstone, Kent Folk dance clubs