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Name Summary Category
Belstead House Suffolk Holidays
The Maerlocks Lancashire Bands and musicians
Dance House, Wroughton Folk dance clubs
Lakes and Furness Folk Lakes and Furness Folk dance clubs
Ealing Folk dance clubs
Haycorn Greater Manchester Bands and musicians
Paignton Folk dance clubs
Friday Folk, Birmingham Moseley, Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Yaresiders Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Folk dance clubs
Bridport Folk Dance Club Bridport Folk dance clubs
Burbage Folk Dance Club Sketchley Hill School Burbage Leics Folk dance clubs
Four Oaks Staffordshire Bands and musicians
Northampton Ceilidhs Northampton Folk dance clubs
Bad Bargain Ceilidh Band York Bands and musicians
English Contra Dance Band Bands and musicians
Tumbling Tom Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Bilbrook Folk Dance Club Bilbrook, Wolverhampton Folk dance clubs
Bromyard - The Falconers Folk dance clubs
Joey Oliver North East England Callers
Frances Richardson England, based in Midlands Callers