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Name Summary Category
Bedford Fine Companions Bedford Folk dance clubs
Malcolm Davies Merseyside Callers
Blackbeard Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Double Trouble Midlands Bands and musicians
Galopede West Midlands Bands and musicians
Mad Moll Birmingham Bands and musicians
Neston FDC Merseyside Folk dance clubs
Kempshott Folk dance clubs
Keir Hardie Ceilidhs Norwich Folk dance clubs
Halsway Manor Holidays
Mosborough Sheffield Folk dance clubs
Cat Kelly Oxfordshire Callers
Oswestry Folk dance clubs
Grand Ceilidh Club Southend Folk dance clubs
John McDonald West Midlands Callers
Chetton Folk dance clubs
Nigel Walker Bands and musicians
Roy Garrington Leicestershire & Countrywide Callers
Geof Owen West Midlands Callers
First Sunday Club Endmoor Village Hall, Kendal Folk dance clubs