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Name Summary Category
Westbury FDC Wiltshire Folk dance clubs
Holderness Folk dance clubs
The Casterbridge Band Dorchester, Dorset Bands and musicians
Trimdon Folk Band North East England Bands and musicians
Manchester Ceilidh Folk dance clubs
Staplers Hitchin Folk dance clubs
Whirling Skirmish South East and London Bands and musicians
The Time Bandits Cheshire Bands and musicians
Leyland Folk Dance Club Leyland Folk dance clubs
Ian Whitehead Rugby Callers
Anne Oakes Birmingham Callers
Baily's Beads Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Unreel Ceilidh Band Ditchling, Sussex Bands and musicians
Reelly Different Dancing Dereham Folk dance clubs
Sarum Squares Folk dance clubs
Chigwell Row Folk dance clubs
Claret (Trio) Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands Bands and musicians
Danson Folk Dance Club Bexley Folk dance clubs
Orion's Ring Bands and musicians
Ron Coxall Callers