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Name Summary Category
University of East Anglia FDG Norfolk Folk dance clubs
Well Dressed Band Derbyshire Bands and musicians
Frank and Margaret Shuttleworth Lancashire Callers
Witney Oxfordshire Folk dance clubs
Lets Sort it out Folk dance clubs
Ditcheat BA4 6RE Folk dance clubs
Hull Folk Dance Club Hull Folk dance clubs
Sutton Coldfield Folk dance clubs
Richard Hubbard Norfolk Callers
Falconers Folk dance clubs
Lisa Heywood Bristol Callers
Trowbridge Wiltshire Festivals
Swing your Partners Sherborne Folk dance clubs
Fresh Aire Somerset Bands and musicians
Preston Irish Country Dance Community Preston Folk dance clubs
Rannygazoo West Midlands Bands and musicians
Barnstaple Folk dance clubs
Reg Battle Callers
Cats Claw Ceilidh Band South, Mid and West Wales, Avon, Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester, Devon Bands and musicians
Geof Owen West Midlands Callers