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Name Summary Category
Momentum Bands and musicians
Halsway Manor Holidays
Barry Goodman Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire Callers
Mike Whiting Shropshire Callers
Stuart Wiltshire Cockermouth, Cumbria Callers
Torquay Folk dance clubs
Henry Morgenstein Hampshire Callers
Frances Oates Cornwall Callers
Oxfordshire Folk Association Folk dance clubs
Haycorn Greater Manchester Bands and musicians
English Miscellany Folk dance clubs
Frenchay FDC Bristol Folk dance clubs
Bury St Edmunds Folk dance clubs
Leeds Contra Folk dance clubs
Cambridge Contras Folk dance clubs
Les Barclay Yorkshire Callers
North Devon Dance Weekend Holidays
Isle of Wight Folk Holidays Holidays
Mr Blundell's Alms Ceilidh Band Liverpool Bands and musicians
Burton On Trent Folk dance clubs