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Name Summary Category
Howard Ballard Reading Callers
Exmouth YWCA Folk dance clubs
Whalley Lancashire Folk dance clubs
Peter Shardlow Lancashire Callers
East Dorset Folk Dance Club Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset Folk dance clubs
Northampton Folk Dance Club Northampton Folk dance clubs
Woodsiders Barn Dance Band Hampshire Bands and musicians
Furness Tradition Cumbria Festivals
Cannock Folk Dance Club Cannock Folk dance clubs
Malthouse Passage Midlands, Marches, Gloucestershire...will travel! Bands and musicians
Geof Owen West Midlands Callers
Waterlooville Hampshire Folk dance clubs
Martin Hodge Devon Callers
Cuckoo's Nest Midlands and North West Bands and musicians
Chingford Folk Dance Club Chingford, Essex Folk dance clubs