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Name Summary Category
The Village Hop Band Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Widdershins Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Norfolk Folk dance clubs
North Devon Dance Weekend Holidays
Step Stately Folk dance clubs
Bob Carter Yorkshire Callers
Norwich Historical Dance Norwich Folk dance clubs
Valley Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Hoveton Folk dance clubs
Northampton Folk Dance Club Northampton Folk dance clubs
Fiona Franks Lancashire Callers
David Bradley Midlands Bands and musicians
Greenman Rising Midlands & National Bands and musicians
Cambridgeshire Folk dance clubs
City Clickers Step and Clog Dance Group Bristol Folk dance clubs
Torquay Folk dance clubs
Light-hearted Dance Weekends Various locations in England Holidays
Union Street Band Lancashire and Northwest England Bands and musicians
Bexley Folk dance clubs
Linsleighders Folk dance clubs