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Name Summary Category
Hodge's Dump Worcestershire Bands and musicians
Oulton and Moddershall FDC Folk dance clubs
Strettondale Folk dance clubs
York Ceilidh Club Band Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Sheffield Folk dance clubs
Roughshod North east England Bands and musicians
Thatcham FDC Thatcham, Berkshire Folk dance clubs
Dave Stephens Callers
Harston and Haslingfield Folk Dance Club Harston and Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire Folk dance clubs
Mumpers Ceilidh Folk dance clubs
Great Alne Folk Weekend Warwickshire Festivals
Neil Franklin West Midlands Callers
Roger Middleton West Midlands Callers
Blackpool North Shore FY2 0AY Folk dance clubs
West Kirby Band Merseyside Bands and musicians
Mr Sayer's Players Warwick Bands and musicians
First Sunday Club Endmoor Village Hall, Kendal Folk dance clubs
Jeroka South West England Bands and musicians
Broadstairs Folk Week Kent Festivals
Coventry FDG Folk dance clubs