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Name Summary Category
Pat Wilkinson Lancashire Callers
Blackbeard Yorkshire Bands and musicians
Double Trouble Midlands Bands and musicians
Free Reed Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Sheer Hopody Devon Bands and musicians
Birmingham Selly Oak Folk dance clubs
Lincoln Folk dance clubs
Bedworth Festival Warwickshire Festivals
Portesham Folk dance clubs
Upminster Essex Folk dance clubs
Doug Eaton Needham Market, Suffolk Callers
Watford FDC Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Unicorn Ceilidhs Hertfordshire Folk dance clubs
Pigeon English Ceilidh Lincoln Folk dance clubs
Wimborne Folk Festival Dorset Festivals
Peregrine Cambridge Bands and musicians
Bexley Folk dance clubs
Gloucestershire Folk dance clubs
Derek Atkinson Lancashire Callers
Rattle the Boards Ceilidh band Kent Bands and musicians