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Name Summary Category
Ruth Thompson Dorchester, Dorset Callers
Aislaby Folk dance clubs
Chris Dewhurst Staffordshire based, travel countrywide Bands and musicians
Lichfield Folk Festival Staffordshire Festivals
Pat Wilkinson Lancashire Callers
Ruff and Tumble Cardiff Bands and musicians
Step Stately Folk dance clubs
Hind Before Band Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Great Parndon Folk dance clubs
New Traditions Young Musicians Bands and musicians
Reg Battle Callers
Shrewton Folk dance clubs
Dave Kerridge London area Callers
Judith Inman Buckinghamshire Callers
Mularky Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Jigworks Ceilidh Band Wantage Bands and musicians
Robin Lamb Shropshire Callers
Haywards Heath Folk dance clubs
Fit as a Fiddle ME14 1PL Folk dance clubs
Jeremy Child Exeter, Devon Callers