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Name Summary Category
Arnold Steeds Birmingham Callers
Ticklerton Folk dance clubs
Fraddon FDC Fraddon, Cornwall, TR9 6NT Folk dance clubs
Valiant Dance Band Suffolk and Essex Bands and musicians
Milton Keynes Folk Dance Club Milton Keynes Folk dance clubs
Woodsiders Barn Dance Band Hampshire Bands and musicians
St Helens Folk dance clubs
The Jigalots Surrey Bands and musicians
Robin Lamb Shropshire Callers
Portesham Folk dance clubs
Loundside Sheffield Folk dance clubs
Dulwich Folk Dance Club London SE21 7BT Folk dance clubs
Nelson Folk dance clubs
Olio Lancashire Bands and musicians
Stibbard Folk dance clubs
Andrew Swaine Sheffield Callers
Penny Burton Brittany, France Callers
All The Right Notes Leeds, West Yorkshire Bands and musicians
The Moon and Castle Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Barrington Historical Dance Barrington Village, South Somerset Folk dance clubs