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Name Summary Category
The Emily Roe Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
A Sortuva Kaylee Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Callington Folk dance clubs
Lakes and Furness Folk Lakes and Furness Folk dance clubs
Penny Burton Brittany, France Callers
Sarah Pavey Surrey but happy to travel Callers
Robin Lamb Shropshire Callers
Belfagan Morris Cockermouth, Cumbria Folk dance clubs
Moon Dance Bedfordshire Bands and musicians
Maca the Caller - John Mc Donaldd East and West Midlands mainly Callers
Playford Group Birmingham Folk dance clubs
Oxfolk Folk dance clubs
Hilary Herbert Lancashire Callers
Beecham Green Folk dance clubs
Broadstairs Barndance Club St Peters Memorial Hall, Broadstairs, CT10 2TH Folk dance clubs
Third Friday Oxford Folk dance clubs
U3A, Verwood Dorset Folk dance clubs
Patchwork Midlands Bands and musicians
Cwm Dancing Bands and musicians
Fee Lock Anywhere that promises a good time Callers