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Name Summary Category
Burdock Band Midlands Bands and musicians
Glasgow Assembly Folk dance clubs
Andrew James Music Bournemouth Bands and musicians
Walsall Folk Dance Club Walsall Folk dance clubs
Weston Assembly Somerset Folk dance clubs
Roger Newton Lancashire Callers
Preston Irish Country Dance Community Preston Folk dance clubs
Chard Folk dance clubs
Burton On Trent Folk dance clubs
Stomp Bands and musicians
Reel Dance Ceilidhs Folk dance clubs
Cloudburst Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Bands and musicians
Paul Garner Cambridgeshire Callers
Chester Folk Festival Kelsall, nr. Chester, CW6 0RS Festivals
Gloucester U3A Folk dance clubs
Change of Key St Helens Bands and musicians
Fish n'Taters Ceilidh Band Leicestershire Bands and musicians
Geof Owen West Midlands Callers
North Devon Dance Weekend Holidays
Bexley Folk dance clubs