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Name Summary Category
Climax Ceilidh band South East England Bands and musicians
Folk Dance for Fun Folk dance clubs
Alcester Folk dance clubs
Shrewsbury (Closed) Folk dance clubs
Felpham & Middleton CDC Folk dance clubs
Sheila Thackwray Herefordshire Callers
Captain Driver's Delight Hampshire Bands and musicians
Stradivarious Midlands Bands and musicians
White Horse Festival Berkshire Festivals
Rushden Folk Dance Club Rushden, Northants Folk dance clubs
Alison Cook Callers
Titchmarsh Folk dance clubs
Hilltop Coventry Bands and musicians
Norfolk Wherries Norfolk Bands and musicians
Meter Rite South and Midlands Bands and musicians
Carousel Ceilidh Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Teignmouth Folk Festival Devon Festivals
Brentwood Folk dance clubs
Kit and Boodle Gloucestershire Bands and musicians
Step Stately Folk dance clubs