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Name Summary Category
Ian Whitehead Rugby Callers
Rosianna Lincs / N Notts / S Yorks / Humber bank Bands and musicians
Sue Horsham Somerset Folk dance clubs
Letchworth Folk dance clubs
Bromsgrove Festival Festivals
Ian Craigan West & East Midlands Callers
Strettondale Folk dance clubs
Ralph Smethurst Northwest/ Midlands Callers
Meriden Folk Annexe Folk Dance Group Coventry Folk dance clubs
Cat Kelly Oxfordshire Callers
Belper Nailers Folk Moot Folk dance clubs
Devil Among The Tailors Warwickshire Bands and musicians
Broadstairs Folk Week Kent Festivals
Reel Easy Midlands Bands and musicians
3dB Ceilidh Band Devon Bands and musicians
Chatsworth Folk dance clubs
Teignmouth Folk Festival Devon Festivals
The Emily Roe Band Lancashire Bands and musicians
Stick The Fiddle Devon Bands and musicians
Paul Garner Cambridgeshire Callers