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2 years 6 months ago #53 by Liz Stanton
Replied by Liz Stanton on topic Playford Dancing Map
It’s incredible that I’ve been researching this Playford Dancing Map and trying to track down the original for over 2 years. I’ve learnt so much about Elsie Matley Moore, met loads of very interesting people and found several people who own copies of the map.
To be honest, I’d run out of ideas and given up…then I met Adam Warren who had seen my picture in a map art exhibition at the Worcester Hive. He explained that I was on a wild goose chase because there never was “an original”, he explained a lot more too and he has now written an article about it on his blog
Adam has also produced a digitally “cleaned up” version of the print (still keeping the character of the picture but removing some slight marks and a fold line) which will be available soon and can be printed if anybody wants to do their own copy.
I’m slightly sad that there isn’t an original but it has been an interesting project and I am very grateful that I’ve met so many frivolous souls with nimble minds along the way, I’d like to thank them all…I intend to keep dancing!!

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