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Topic-icon Elegant tune

3 years 2 months ago #47 by Neil Franklin
Elegant tune was created by Neil Franklin
The club I called at on November 3rd wanted some Halloween and firework references in the programme. As a fan of Handel, I knew that George Frederick had knocked out some good tunes in his time and borrowed the cd of the complete Royal Fireworks and Water Music suites.
The third movement of The Royal Fireworks is a piece titled "La Paix. Largo alla Siciliana" which is 4 x 32 though it lends itself to have further repeats cut and pasted in or one turn taken out
I used it on Thursday evening at Avoncroft for Fried de Metz Herman's "Winter Waltz" and Friday Folk for a longways dance of my own invention. On both occasions it seemed to raise everyone's level of dancing, even those who think that a waltz step is just a slower plod. A bit of Playford Ball on a club night.

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