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Topic-icon Simple exercise regime

3 months 3 weeks ago #62 by Neil Franklin
Simple exercise regime was created by Neil Franklin
Here are some exercises which will help keep you in shape for when we can start folk dancing , especially as we come into the time of year when going for a stroll around the park might be a bit of a dismal experience.
These exercises were in an article in the current Saga magazine and promotes the merit of short bouts of moderate exercise, rather than longer sessions of gentle exercise. Published here with the consent of the magazine and author Ian Taylor.
One or two of the exercises are good for the toe muscles and for balance, which will be particularly useful.
It is advised that all exercises are done for one minute each, with just a short break in between, and the whole routine done two times a day (at least). It is suggested that you may wish to have a chair back handy as support when doing 3 and 5 if your balance is not too hot.
I find myself singing along to something while doing them, often Liberty Bell, The Monty Python theme tune. If you reach the stage where you can do the whole set to Cotton Eyed Joe without a break, WOW!
Herewith the exercises, exactly as written in Saga magazine.

1 Sit-to-stand
Start sitting on a chair and then stand, then lower yourself back into the chair. Try not to use your arms for support, but only if confident that you don’t need them for balance.

2 March on the spot
Stand still and lift each knee up to hip height, one after the other. Ideally, your thigh should be parallel to the floor.

3 Heel raise
Stand with a chair in front of you for support and rise up onto the balls of both feet. Hold this for 1 second and then lower back down again.

4 Seated knee extension
Sit down and straighten each leg in front of you, one after the other. If you can lift them to hip height at the same time, all the better. (I think this means lift each leg up to hip height, i.e. leg horizontal, not both legs at once)

5 Standing knee bend
Stand with a chair in front of you and raise your feet behind you in turn.Your knee should be at a right angle, shin parallel to the floor.

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