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Topic-icon Can’t dance! :-( Can still write! :-)

11 months 6 days ago #63 by John Sweeney
Can’t dance! :-( Can still write! :-) was created by John Sweeney
You may find some of these new articles of interest. They relate to Contra, ECD, eCeilidh, Country Dance, Folk Dance, Traditional Dance, Barn Dance, Square Dance, etc. in varying amounts. They are all at:

* The Hey or Reel - Origins and Over 25 Variations
* Grand Square - History and Variations
* Star and Hands Across and Variants
* Rights & Lefts - Circular Hey - Square Thru - Right & Left Through - Two Changes
* Lead & Follow
* The Dance Is Not The Tune!
* An Essay on the Best Position for the Lady's Left Hand in a Ballroom-Hold Swing
* English or American? - Country Dance - Barn Dance

Or maybe some of these old ones:
* Country Dance & Contra Dance Formations – Over 100!
* Allemandes, Hand Turns and Arming
* Gypsy: The Move & The Name
* The Virtues of Good Swinging!
* The Well-Connected Dancer
* Siding & Variants
* Dances from English Dance & Song – Over 150 Dances!
* The Lovelace Manuscript

Comments, corrections, feedback, updates, etc. are all welcome – please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I hope you are all well and enjoying life in these troubled times!

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance-floor again one day…
John Sweeney

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